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217When morning gilds the skiesGerman 19th…Barnby, Joseph
218Lord, as the day beginsTimothy Dudley-Smith
219New every morning is the loveJohn Keble (1792-1866) Jones, Roger
220Lord, as I wake I turn to youBrian Foley 1919 –…Shaw, Martin Edward…
221At evening, when the sun had setHenry Twells (1823-1900) Scheffler’s Heilige…
222The day you gave us, Lord, is endedJohn Ellerton (1826-93) Scholefield, Clement…
223Glory to you, my God, this nightThomas Ken (1637-1711) Tallis, Thomas
224Saviour, again to your dear name we raiseJohn Ellerton (1826-93) Hopkins, Edward John
225Again the Lord’s own day is hereThomas À Kempis…Jones, Roger
226Christ is our cornerstoneLatin c. 7th…Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
227Come, let us with our Lord ariseCharles Wesley (1707-88) Horner, Egbert Forster
228Jesus, stand among usWilliam Pennefather…Matthews, Timothy Richard
229Light up this place with glory, LordJohn Harris (1802-56) Walch, James
230This is the day of lightJohn Ellerton (1826-93) Norton, Christopher
231Sweet is the work, my God, my KingIsaac Watts (1674-1748) Parker, Handel
232This is the day the Lord has madeIsaac Watts (1674-1748) Hymns and Sacred Poems
233This is the day the Lord himself has madeLeith Samuel (1915-99) Langran, James
234This is the day, this is the dayLes Garrett
235Ages pass by, earth’s treasures all decayRhiannon Weber Atkinson, Frederick Cook
236By gracious powers so wonderfully shelteredDietrich Bonhoeffer…Terry, Richard Runciman
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